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Multilingual Support
This site is the official website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, a local government in Japan. We have created an English version of this site to help foreign visitors learn more about the TMG. We will continue to make this site available in multiple languages so that more people can use it.
Personal Information Protection Policy
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About Copyrights
The individual information (text, photographs, illustrations, etc.) on this website is subject to copyright. The official website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is also subject to copyright as an edited work, and the Copyright Act protects both. Except in cases permitted by copyright law, such as “reproduction for personal use” and “quotation,” reproduction or diversion without permission is prohibited.
About links
In principle, you are free to link to this website regardless of whether it is for profit or non-profit. However, please refrain from creating links that fall under or may fall under any of the following.

  1. Any content that slanders the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, other companies (persons), or other organizations, or that is intended to damage their credibility.
  2. Any action that infringes, or may violate, the copyrights, trademarks, other intellectual property rights, property, privacy, portrait rights, or other rights of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, other companies (persons), or other organizations.
  3. When it is unclear that the contents of this website are those of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, such as when this website is displayed within a frame, and there is a possibility of misunderstanding by a third party.
  4. In addition to the above items, if there is a risk of violating laws, ordinances, regulations, or public order and morals or interfering with the operation of this website.
  5. When linking to this site using logos or marks owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government without permission.
  6. When linking to this site in such a way that the source of information is misidentified. Please note that the URL of this website is subject to change without notice. Please note that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government shall not be held responsible for any other compensation or complaints related to the link.
System Requirements

The following browsers are recommended for the safe and comfortable use of this website.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Google Chrome (including for Android) latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox (including for Android) latest version
  • Safari (including for iOS) latest version
Technologies used
  1. Cookie
    This website uses cookies to make browsing more convenient for users and to obtain information to improve the site continually. Cookies are information sent from the server related to the operation of this website to the user’s browser and recorded on the user’s computer. However, the recorded information does not include any information that identifies the individual, such as the user’s name, address, or telephone number. In addition, there is no direct adverse effect on the user’s computer. To understand the access status of each page, we may use cookies from third-party companies to which we outsource our business. Users can reject the receipt of cookies by adjusting their browser settings. Even in such a case, there will be no significant hindrance to viewing this site. For details on how to set your browser, please contact the help section of your software or the manufacturer.

  2. JavaScript
    JavaScript is used in some of the contents of this website to make it more comfortable to use. Please note that if JavaScript is not turned on (enabled) in your browser settings, the site may not be displayed or operated correctly.

  3. PDF
    To view PDF files, you need Adobe Reader by Adobe Systems Incorporated. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, or if the contents of this website do not display correctly, please download the latest version before viewing it.

Information Security Policy

This site protects information assets from threats to continue business based on users’ trust and fulfilling the social mission as a governmental organization.

  1. To maintain the safety and accuracy of our information assets, we strive to prevent unauthorized access, destruction, falsification, loss, and leakage and implement appropriate safety measures.
  2. We will comply with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Cyber Security Basic Policy, laws and regulations, and other standards in handling information assets.
  3. If the handling of information assets is outsourced, it shall be done under the appropriate management of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
  4. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will establish a system for continuous improvement to maintain and enhance information security.
About legal matters

No guarantee is given for the completeness or accuracy of the information contained on this website. The information contained on this site is subject to change without notice. We shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from using the information or content contained in this website.

Prohibited Matters

The following acts are prohibited when using this site.

  1. Acts that interfere with or hinder the operation of this site.
  2. Acts that cause or may cause trouble, disadvantage, privacy, or other damage to other users, third parties, or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
  3. Acts that are or may be offensive to public order and morals.
  4. Acts that violate laws, regulations, or ordinances.
  5. Any other acts that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government deems inappropriate.
Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specified, the use of this website and the interpretation and application of the rules described herein shall be governed by the laws of Japan. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the use of this website shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of the first instance.

Cookie Policy
Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

This site uses cookies and similar technologies to collect certain information to analyze how users use the site, improve services, and provide services and advertisements that are more suitable for individual users. This policy explains how we handle this information.

What are cookies and similar technologies?

A cookie is a piece of data sent from a website and stored on a device (such as a computer or mobile device) as a tag to identify the device when the user accesses the website using the device. Using cookies, it is possible to obtain information such as the number of times a user’s device has visited a website and the websites other than the website that the user has seen in the past. The functions of cookies and similar technologies can be disabled by setting the user’s browser as described below.

Purpose of use of cookies and similar technologies

(1)To understand usage conditions and consider service improvements
This site may use cookies and similar technologies to collect, analyze, and use the information on how users use this site to improve the site and the services provided to users. For this purpose, this site mainly uses the following tools.
■ Google Analytics tool provider: Google Inc.

How to disable cookies and similar technologies

(1)How to disable all cookies
Cookies stored on the user’s device will continue to be held on the device until the user intentionally deletes them or until their respective expiration dates expire. Most commonly used browsers are set to accept cookies by default, but you can disable cookies by changing the settings in your browser. Please refer to the following links for information on how to change the cookie settings on each browser.

(2)How to disable individual cookies
To disable Google Analytics as described in “Purpose of Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies” (1) above, please download and install the “Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-On” from the page provided by Google Inc. at the link below, and then change the add-on settings in your browser. Please note that the use of this add-on may affect your ability to use Google Inc. products and services.

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