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We provide you with reading material related to the projects of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, such as the Tokyo Consortium and the startup ecosystem in Tokyo. Enjoy the vibrancy of Tokyo’s startups and ecosystems!


What do startups expect from Tokyo?

Tomohiro Tada, Chairman, and CEO, AI Medical Service Inc.
Yuichiro Ito, CFO, Finatext Holdings Inc.
Takayuki Sasaki, Executive Officer and CMO, TBM Inc.
Moderator: Kazuhiko Chuman, General Manager, Business Incubation Promotion Department, Corporate Strategy Division, KDDI Corporation

What do startups expect from the Tokyo ecosystem? Three CXOs (chief operating officers of various divisions) from diverse startups such as AI development in the medical field, financial infrastructure construction, and development of new eco-friendly materials gathered to discuss the utilization of the ecosystem by startups and global expansion.


How should “universities” collaborate with startups?

Yoshihiro Kawahara, Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Masaya Nakamura, Professor, Keio University School of MedicineToru
Asahi, Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University / Executive Director, WASEDA-EDGE Human Resource Development Program
Moderator: Ms. Moe Nasu, Managing Director, Public Service, Medical & Health, Accenture

How to link the “knowledge” in universities, the source of technology seeds, to innovation? What role should the Tokyo Ecosystem play to achieve this? Professors from the University of Tokyo, Keio University, and Waseda University, who are involved in innovation creation at universities, social implementation of technology seeds, and entrepreneurship education, gathered to discuss the collaboration between universities and startups and the utilization of the ecosystem.


The Significance and Potential of Ecosystems

Michiaki Matsushima, Editor-in-Chief, WIRED Japan

What is needed to nurture startups, what role does the public sector play in innovation, and what should Tokyo aim for?
As a special interview at the beginning of this year’s event, we asked Michiaki Matsushima, editor-in-chief of the Japanese edition of the media magazine WIRED, about the significance and possibilities of ecosystems. WIRED was first published in San Francisco, U.S.A., and for more than 25 years, the magazine has been thinking about how technology will affect our future, including our lives, society, and culture.